Many times, couples and/or individuals will present very challenging situations in which they are unable to resolve a dispute or conflict. Often, each party is deeply entrenched in a very emotional position and not able to see the real issue. Mediation can be a very effective process in which I will assume the role of a neutral third party in order to assist two or more parties to resolve a dispute with a non-adversarial approach. As a non-biased mediator, I will facilitate communication between two parties by helping them to focus on the real issues of the dispute and assist each party in generating options that meet the needs and/or interests of each party in order to help the parties in resolving the conflict.

A successful mediation will result in both parties being able to hear each others’ positions, generate options agreeable to each party, and come to an agreement that is acceptable to both parties and to which they can take ownership.

Three main benefits of choosing mediation are:

  1. Mediation is flexible
  2. Mediation is confidential
  3. Mediation may be less costly than litigation or arbitration.

Mediation is used in many different realms such as employment disputes, civil lawsuits, international disputes, and divorce. My mediation practice focuses on individual and family disputes including family issues, divorce, separation, and child welfare.